You may from time to time receive a warning message when attempting to access a screen within Sage 200 which states another user is already accessing it, although the user it references is not currently logged in to Sage 200. This is called a 'disconnected' login and can occur when a user crashes out of Sage whilst still in an open window.

To clear a disconnected login and remove the 'lock' the user has left on the screen you're attempting to open, you will need to first access the 'Cog' symbol in the top right-hand corner of Sage 200;

Then select the 'User Login Status' option;

Once the 'User Login Status' window has opened, you may now remove the 'disconnected' login - to do this, highlight the 'locked' user from the listand select the 'Log Off' button at the bottom;

If you have multiple records you need to clear, hold down 'CTRL' on your keyboard then select the users from the list one at a time so that they are all highlighted - once complete, select 'Log Off' to clear all the selected logins in one go.